Daniela Pesendorfer

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Children Present Their City

Children from two different cities, draw, paint, or photograph their individually perceived city.

The children can either paint, draw,... at home or meet with the  artist for example at school. The only restriction is a selected image size so that the different techniques can be better combined.  With the childrens help the  different views of the houses are put together and a model city is created. This happens in two differen citys. Both individual models of the cities, geographically separated,  are filmed  and connected to one  city.

Thanks to the free expression of choice (photography, drawing, painting) and the different ages of children (8 to 12 years)  a completely unice city can be seen.

In the work, the model is recognized as such and separated from the presentation of a real world as its function. Rather, the model creates a hybrid urban city.


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